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Vietnamese Tool is a set of Vietnamese language processing software built on popular word processing softwares. Vietnamese tools aim to unify, standardize and improve the quality of digital resources for state agencies and enterprises by assisting users in drafting documents in Vietnamese. RED BUTTON, LAU, VIETNAMESE Dictionaries, USING WORD 2007 in the Vietnamese Toolkit will be indispensable components in your daily word processing work.
1. Red Pen
Completely catch spelling mistakes RED PEN in the Vietnamese 1.4 Toolkit has added features and improved linguistics to improve the quality and speed of error scanning. Performance characteristics are the characteristics that can be quantitatively measured in terms of the technological quality of proofing software. Raising the performance features by a few percent also requires enormous research and technology efforts. The evaluation results of the spelling proofing software on show that most of the score on the performance characteristics of PEN RED's spelling proofing outperforms other proofing software. RED PEN has also been considered to improve its ability to catch errors compared to restricting notifications to help users feel more comfortable while using the software.
2. Smart text transcoding flag
Currently, although there are many software with transcoding functions on the market, these products all require users to identify the source code before transferring, this sometimes causes difficult for ordinary users. On the other hand, long documents over generations of copy / paste contain many different encodings, having to define a source charset for such documents in advance will lead to transcoding. incorrect. The automatic source charset detection feature in the original documents is seen as a breakthrough of the FLAG compared to similar products. FLAG is the first tool to perform the conversion to Unicode on the basis of automatically detecting the original code at each paragraph, each sentence. FLAG will be an effective tool in the unified use of Unicode codes in the National digital resource repository, serving computerization and e-Government development.
3. Vietnamese Dictionary
Support for using correct words Vietnamese Dictionary in Vietnamese Toolkit 1.4 is a means of searching and using words correctly. This Vietnamese-Vietnamese dictionary data is built on the base of Hoang Phe dictionary. Vietnamese Tools provides utilities for users to recompile this dictionary and share them according to their own usage requirements.
4. How to use Microsoft Word 2007
Using Microsoft Word 2007 effectively Microsoft Word is still the most popular text editing software for Vietnamese users. However, for users who are not fluent in English, remembering the function buttons is very difficult. USING WORD 2007 is a tool to help, look up WORD's features completely in Vietnamese will help you exploit and use Microsoft Word 2007 effectively.