V-AZUR Solution Suite
29/09/2020 is a social networking site about books developed and built by VIEGRID company. This is a place for authors and authors to exchange, learn, exchange experiences, and buy and sell books quickly and conveniently on the system. Viebooks is the bridge connecting book enthusiasts together to become a strong book community system. Coming to Viebooks, readers will experience many interesting things: Access to a rich and unique book treasure: Viebooks have a rich and diverse collection of e-books where you can find and read any book you want. Viebooks' bookstore is constantly being renewed by bookstores, publishers, domestic and foreign authors as well as from exclusive authors with a full range of genres such as short stories, novels, business books, textbooks, classics, and "hot" works on the market. .. So, just one click, you can enjoy the experience with your favorite books. Providing e-books and printed books: On the Viebooks system, it serves readers both e-books and printed books. For e-books, users must use V_Reader software built by VIEGRID company to be able to read books. E-books after buying will be placed on the bookshelf of V_Reader, readers open V_Reader and read here. Once downloaded, the book will be encrypted, readers cannot copy the electronic version for other readers. The system also supports publishing books and electronic newspapers to help convert digital content into a common format, allowing easy distribution and sharing in a unified environment with a high security mechanism, helping to preserve best copyright protection. For printed books, the system allows readers to buy books online and the books will be delivered to readers' hands. Just sit at home and click through and you will have the book you want without having to work hard. Having the opportunity to interact with famous domestic and foreign authors: Viebooks cooperates with many famous domestic and foreign writers and poets. It is very difficult for domestic authors to meet them, not to mention world-renowned authors. Viebooks create favorable conditions and opportunities for you to get closer to those authors, eliminating all geospatial distances. By being able to interact with famous domestic and foreign authors, writers and poets, you will gain a lot of valuable knowledge and experience, get closer to your idols. Viebooks are the foundation, basis and environment to realize your dreams and ambitions. Creating a separate bookstore: Coming to Viebooks, readers can not only read books, buy books but also create their own brands, upload books for free and publish them in your own way. With your own books, you can cooperate with bookstores or libraries to include these books in these bookstores / libraries. At that time, domestic and foreign readers will know about your book. This is the shortest way to bring your name to local and international readers. Build author portraits: Viebooks allow you to build portraits for yourself, for your favorite authors or for dead authors, relatives and friends can also build. portrait of the author on the system, to save the books that are timeless. Your own writings will connect you with book lovers around the world, and the path to becoming a well-known author will be closer to you. Copyright protection: Coming to Viebooks, copyrights are best protected. With the use of Vreader reading software to minimize the copying and reprinting of works when readers buy / borrow books on the system. Readers can only read books when using Vreader software, each user can only activate the software on a single device. So, you unleash your creativity according to your passion, and protect your products with Viebooks. Entrepreneurship: If you are a business enthusiast or a collector, you can create your own bookstore or book library. The bookstore / library will sell the books written by you themselves or, after you cooperate with other authors / readers on the system, these partners will push the books into your bookstore / library. If you can cooperate with famous authors, your bookstore / library will be known and bought by many people. So, you have created a brand for yourself. Connecting the community: Social media today is an indispensable spiritual dish among young people, but book lovers are mostly these energetic and enthusiastic people. Viebooks support connecting with the largest social network today is Facebook. Your friends or all readers around the world express their love for your works with the "Like" buttons or very useful comments. From there, you will make a lot of new friends not only on the Viebooks system or Facebook but also in everyday life. Connecting to the VTCafes translation system: Viebooks support to connect with the VTCafes Translation Market, which provides human resources for translating books and articles, also where translators find translation projects, improve their professional skills. , use advanced technology and increase your income. Readers can send a request for translation to the VTCafes system, when a translator agrees to the request for translation, on this page, a contract will be created between the translator and the reader. VTCafes helps to bring books closer to foreign readers who can read a variety of books and articles from other countries. Eliminate all language barriers. Compatible with many devices: Viebooks is compatible with most reading devices including PC, Iphone, Ipad, Android and all types of browsers. Books and reading information are automatically synchronized, which means that you can read your favorite books anywhere, anytime and on any device even without the internet. Services - Utilities: The system provides a lot of different utility services such as Vietnamese proofing software on Vietnamese tools, Bocohan translation support software, Vreader reading software, software create VbookMakers books, the administrative management system of V_SmartOffice ... Users can freely experience with the utility software available on the system to serve work as well as daily life. With the motto: "Return to your home to go out to the world with us", Viebooks promises to be an environment, a bridge, connecting everyone in the world together, bringing you together. a completely new experience, so you can challenge yourself.