Bocohan Standard Edition

Bocohan Student Edition
Bocohan Enterprise Server

Bocohan Standard Edition (BOCOHAN SE) is translation support software, equivalent to softwares such as TRADOS, WORDFAST, DÉJà VU, ... with many resources and Vietnamese processing functions. BOCOHAN SE is designed for those who need to translate English-Vietnamese-English or Chinese-Vietnamese-Chinese on their jobs such as translators, specialized researchers, professionals and students in specialized disciplines. BOCOHAN SE can be used alone (stand-alone) or on the Internet (BOCOHAN Community Server) and various automatic translation machines to use.
BOCOHAN SE helps translators create quality translations that include human intelligence that automated translation technologies are far from being achieved.
BOCOHAN SE can help increase the workforce productivity of translators by over 400% along with the ability to accumulate resources, experience and learning.
BOCOHAN SE is an upgraded version of old versions released to users. BOCOHAN SE is upgraded and added with many outstanding translation support features, making BOCOHAN SE an indispensable tool for Vietnamese people working professionally in English or Chinese.