About us


We always provide the latest technology products for the Vietnamese market.

Our company will realize what you want. The company has the latest technology solutions, serving practical purposes such as working remotely to ensure absolute security and safety.


Young & dynamic working environment. Being able to work with a team full of talent and experience.

The company includes devs and testers of all ages, with long-term work experience. They are all bachelors and masters in the information technology field at the top universities in the country.

Things to know about us.

In 2007, VIEGRID established GRID Technology Research and Development Center at 22 To Huu, Xuan Phu ward, Hue city. VIEGRID provides digital content and infrastructure construction services for businesses and communities.VIEGRID pioneers the development of Grid Computing technology in Vietnam for commercial products and services. The slogan "Return to your home to go the world together with us" is based on the philosophy of mobilizing the common strength of the community for mutual progress and benefits for society. VIEGRID pays special attention to creating a playground, common tools and resources, enabling Vietnamese users to exchange and share knowledge with friends around the world. With the set goals, right from its inception, VIEGRID has focused on building human resources and cooperative relationships. Currently, the personnel apparatus of VIEGRID are all doctors, masters, engineers and bachelors with national and international experience and qualifications. Domestic and foreign partners complement VIEGRID with material and technological strengths.

VIEGRID's core technologies underpinning the development of its products and services include:

Grid Computing technology for IT infrastructure.

Multi-media processing technology, language and speech processing, to create digital content with high quality.

The technology for automatic translation and translation is aimed at improving the productivity of translators and translators, creating a large source of books, translation news, for integration and technology transfer.

Digital signal processing, warning system, control and communication equipment.

Solutions for office computing, e-Government, e-commerce and social networking.