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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Current regulation on information security does not allow staffs to bring official dispatches to home in any way to avoid loss. Therefore, those go away on business, when in need, can not work remotely to ensure the progress and quality of work as expected.

This regulation is for the purpose of information security; however, it has created an obstacle for the job. Thus, it is necessary to have a system to enables staffs to work remotely. That system must also ensure the issue of information security to prevent loss during transmission and data stealing.

Remote working solution VPN of VIEGRID is built on the technologies of virtual private network (VPN) in association with the security protocol of transmission, One-time password (OTP), hard key and reasonable verification process to help users avoid the risks that may occur with distance information. VPN administrators can also disable the remote working accounts which is stolen, so that data of the agency can be protected.

Secure remote working system in combination with VCM12 of VIEGRID will be a total solution to ensure information security for users in many cases.