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LAN security - VCM12

Currently, the issue of network security or hacker is attracting the attention of many agencies, organizations and communities, especially those required absolute confidentiality.

Since 2004, the Minister of Public Security has issued Decision No. 71/2004/QD-BCA promulgating the regulation on ensuring safety and security in activities of managing, providing and using Internet services in Vietnam, strictly prohibiting the activity of "storing on the computer, which is connected to the Internet, the national secure data and documents".

This solution has been wrongly explained in many ways such as "prohibiting absolutely Internet use", "every civil servant must be equipped with two computers" or "computers storing confidential documents are not allowed to be connected to the internet".

The absolute prohibition of Internet usage is against the progress trend of IT. Currently, state officials have the habit of downloading legal documents and forms from the Websites of the Government to assist in document preparation and their professional jobs. Reading news and improving their knowledge through using resources on the Internet has become a habit; and it has become an indispensable effective tool for officials. Any prohibition measures may lead to spontaneous activities, making the situation even more complex.

The use of two computers or the prohibition of network connection does not help increase the security. Because of work demands, officials often use storage devices connected to USB port, 3G devices, etc. or entirely change into using personal computers; therefore, confidential resources, documents and data can be illegal copied and widespread, breaking internal regulations and policies on security. Security is a human issue. Without appropriate awareness, technical measures to facilitate the work, and a clear and easy-to-do policy, the purely administrative measures will be useless, hinder the progress and cause waste to the state, where as the security situation will be increasingly difficult to control.

The solution VCM12 co-developed by VIEGRID Company and the Institute of Information Technology, Hanoi National University is a simple and low cost solution which can help resolve most of the issues in the spirit of the Ministry of Public Security and bring the highest convenience to the users.

It is necessary stressed that there will be no absolute security solution, if the users, even the network administrators, cause of damage. With appropriate operating procedures, VCM12 can help prevent unintentional mistakes, log to track the responsibility and punish intentional violations. We believe that, VCM12 would be an effective measure to minimize network security risks. The next versions of VCM12 will continue to be upgraded and solve new challenges from the reality.