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Office Computerization

Office computerization and computerization in management are the issues of Information System. Therefore, the implementation of office computerization should comply with standard provisions of Information System.

Office computerization helps improve the efficiency in work processes, ensuring the fastness, accuracy and completeness. Along with office computerization, the common resources of the agencies and units will be shared for better usage. This is also one of the requirements of office computerization.

Office computerization follows the diagram:

In Information System, three objects are affected the most, including: organization, human, and operational procedure. Therefore, before implementing office computerization, it is necessary to standardize the professional processes to a certain level.

The first job of computerization is to analyze the overall system design. This is the most important step in the task of office computerization. This step will allow a clear understanding on organizational model, model of information entity and relationships between them, the functional model, and operation model.

VIEGRID has successfully developed and is continuing to build supporting applications for office computerization such as the management in documents, workflow, personnel, customers, job reminders, product management, etc. Besides, there are supporting products for office staffs such as translation machine system, Vietnamese error checking and fixing system.