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Multimedia Portal

VIEGRID provides the solution "Multimedia Portal". This is the electronic information portal which allows to manage, store, and share data of articles, photos, videos over the Internet.

Overall architecture of the Multimedia Communication Portal:


The solution of "Multimedia Portal" ensures all requirements of techniques, aesthetics, usability and rapid deployment capability:

  • Building on the background of most advanced network technology, and software technology today.
  • Ensuring aesthetic requirements: Having User-friendly interface which is easy to use for all subjects.
  • Allowing all people to register to participate in developing content.
  • Allowing to permit to every user.
  • Having the interoperability between users and large system.
  • Having the ability to deploy quickly: deploying in Modulization, making the addition of new modules easy and not affect surrounding modules.
  • Having high security, preventing common and serious security errors.
  • Allowing to monitor the operation of the system, the stability of the system and the activities of every user.
  • Allowing users to view, store, modify, share and manage information data of photos, videos easily via the Internet within their "power".

Over the last time, VIEGRID built Halong Bay Portal for the Management Board of Ha Long Bay. The portal not only helps introduce the tourist and service information of Ha Long which promotes the image of Ha Long Bay, but also creates a meeting point for Ha Long lovers all over the world.