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1. The translation market

As we can see that nowadays, all the countries in the world are developing together follow the trend of globally integrated economy. With such orientation, have been and will be open to the country a lot of potential market and opportunities are significantly increase - including the translation market. International cooperation between nations requires having a common voice - creating a bridge.

For the past 10 years, the translation market on the world has rapidly developed. In 2014, with 17% growth rate in turnover from translation has reached the number of appropriate 40 billion USD.

Vietnam is considered as a country with a lot of potential for development in many fields. In recent years, Vietnam has booted the international integrated economy process as well as attracting foreign enterprises to invest in. With load of goodies, products, enormous services of all kinds of majors are pouring on Vietnam’s market which causes a huge demand for translation.

Besides creating a common voice for all enterprise within our country as well as foreign companies, translation also contribute to boot the integration on another level. Actually, translation market in our country is eventfully developed. According to statistic report, in 2014 turnover from translation has reach 100 million USD. However, most of the market is belong to foreign organizations. The translation price of foreign companies is 30-40 times higher than in Vietnam’s market.

To master the market and ensuring the prestigious with customers, foreign translation companies focus on using technology in translation. Especially, translation software costs a huge amount of money. According to unofficial reports, there is 85% of foreign translator use translation support software. At once, they closely follow the international standard and special terms are used in a consistent way. Therefore, despite of very high price compare to the price of native translation companies, lots of Vietnamese customers still choose foreign translation companies.

In Vietnam, companies still apply traditional translation method, not follow the international standard and not focus on consistently in using terminology. Hence, not ensuring the quality as well as the progress of the project – not many customers choose Vietnam translation companies.

Foreseeing this status as well as the demand in the market, VIEGRID has built and developed    computer assisted translation software with the most modern, advance technology. These software help translation increase productivity up to 400% and closely follow the international standard as well as provide for translator a consistent translation resource.

At the same time, VIEGRID built a website –VTCafes – a professional translator network, where translators meet projects. VTcafes also is a place where specialists, translators inside and outside the country built up a wholesome, constructive and effective translation community.

2. Introduce

VTcafes was built to satisfy the urgent demand of translation market in Vietnam. VTcafe.com is a kind of social network, created with a purpose to become an online translation environment – a place to meet, exchange and cooperation between the project managers and translators around the world . VTcafes provide users with advance technology products of VIEGRID such as computer assisted translation software BOCOHAN, VietTools – Text editor, V-SmartOffice – online office management system, V-AZUR – network security solution…

For the directors of translation offices do not have to worry about choosing the location for their office, recruit, invest a huge amount for advertising, and maintain the development of the office.

On VTcafes, they can easily open and manage office in the most effective and cheapest way. Offices on VTcafe will be introduce to the native and foreign markets, directors have an opportunity to access to specialists, translators, there are many options to recruit professional editor who has experience working aboard.

Begin to construct and develop in 2014, up to now, VIEGRID has announced a stable website system. Although new on the Internet but VTcafe has a huge user access to and hundreds of projects have been upload by project managers. According to user judgment, website has friendly graphic user interface, easy to use and competence was tightly built, ensure the right of the user.

2.1. Where the project managers meet with translation experts, leading translators.

 Instead of having to worry about the quality of translation, translation capabilities of the staff in the office as before, on VTcafes project owners will directly choose translators that suit your project.

The project owner will sign the project on the website with information about the time, cost, project descriptions and requirements for translators.... The project will be shown on the website and all translators worldwide can view and apply for participation. To ensure that the requirements set out, in addition to the processes and tests VIEGRID capacity assessment of the project owner can directly give the tests for the translator to choose the best translator.

VTcafes provide tightly project management mechanisms, helping them to directly manage the schedule, project status, translation results quality. When encountering adverse problems from the translators and the two sides cannot agree to settle, the project will be resolved by VIEGRID intervene and ensure legitimate rights.

2.2 Where many translators have the best job opportunities and become the world's   professional translator.

No need to bring your resumes to every each office to find a job or do a unsuitable project. In VTcafes, Internet and a computer are all you need; translators will have a lot of job opportunities and choices for themselves.

You want to take part in an active and professional working environment, improve your skills, share and learn experience about translation but don’t know where to find? Now, you don’t have to worry about that problem any longer because all you need is available in VTcafes. In here, you can meet, exchange and study with translator around the world. Participate in VTcafes translation environment not only help you study and practice, improve your skills but also help you contribute to build a strong, effective environment.

When you register on VTcafes, you will experience, do the test and the result will display on the website. All the information will help you be chosen by the project managers and take part in a high-qualified project. Translators are able to manage their job in an effective way. When there is any disagreement VIEGRID will interfere and ensure legitimate rights.

2.3. A growing community translation

VTCafes is created to build and develop a community of translators worldwide. Sign up and join now, you will be exchanges, learn, and meet experts and leading translators. You will have a professional working environment, dynamic and no longer have to worry about is having problems because all members of the community are willing to share, advise and help you.

There were a lot of positive feedbacks about the quality and satisfaction translation results of the project owner when signing the project on cooperation between VTcafes. With translators on the system, the succeed projects on the system are increasing. That has been confirmed quality, efficient work of the members. VTcafes translation community has affirmed its position in this market.

2.4. Access and use the most modern and advanced technology software

As a business stay ahead in the field of information technology, VIEGRID has built and developed the product most modern technology:

- Professional translation software BOCOHAN:

BOCOHAN aided translation software with many resources and Vietnamese processing functions. BOCOHAN is designed for those who need translation from English to Vietnamese and vice versa for the job as translation experts, specialized researchers, students ... in the professional sector.

BOCOHAN help translators produce quality translations include human intelligence that the automatic translation technology will be far from achieving. With huge resources, including multiple dictionaries, the re-use sentence, fixed phrases, sample sentences, terminology and particularly resource idiom - this is data only in software BOCOHAN, BOCOHAN help increase labor productivity of service to more than 400% with the ability to accumulate resources, experience and learning is increasing.

In addition to support services for users, BOCOHAN also provide a learning environment that is extremely effective here, you can build yourself an unlimited repository of knowledge, skills training and self-promotion.

- VietTools – text editor software

Vietnamese Tools is a suite of software Vietnamese processors are built based on text editors being used commonly. Vietnam aims Tools unified standardized and improve the quality of digital resources for government agencies and enterprises through support for the user in the text editor by Vietnamese.

- V-AZUR – Network security solution

As safety and security solutions due to the company network VIEGRID, Institute of Technology, VNU development cooperation is the professional direction, collaborative research and technical testing of the Police Department crime prevention, use tech (C50), the Ministry of Public Security is a simple solution, less expensive but solved the problem of ensuring safety and security for LAN systems in agencies and enterprises. Overcoming nearly 100 technology product solutions V-AZUR Department excellently won Sao Khue Awards 2015 - program reviews, ratings and recognition of outstanding products and services, reputation of the industry leading Software and information technology services (IT) Vietnam.

- V-SmartOffice Administration System

Built and developed by VIEGRID JSC, V-SmartOffice fulfill the functions of a system of administrative management bodies and special needs management features statistical reports breakthrough, not in any product on the market.

V-SmartOffice the management system for state administrative agencies, large enterprises, medium and small, fully meet the business management: document management, workflow, reporting and statistics, environment collaboration, calendars, diaries ... Help service agencies, enterprise records management, document effectively. With high customization capabilities, the system in accordance with the type of business model or business.

The system is integrated with a door Software Profile, this is a software built by VIEGRID JSC. Allows management flexibility and efficiency receiving records, reducing the maximum comb procedures, unnecessary operations, handled quickly and ensure business logic sequence.

And many of the world class technology of VIEGRID on VTcafes.com

2.5 Modern technology working environmant in Vietnam

VTcafes give the office director, business management, client an intelligent and efficiency working environment.

* Directly on web systems, VTcafes provide a professional management system:

- For office managers: can manage all the quotes, orders, projects, all employees with employment status, financial management, customer...

- Business management: manage the entire information of the project in charge of care.

- Customers: manage the progress of contracts signed with the office and the payment transaction.

* Also VTcafes provide a system and software to work with the most modern technology for the office:

The system includes software project management and system support software translation.

• Project Management Systems:

- Allows the office director manage entire project information, personnel, working status of employees and especially management of company resources - do not allow the staff abuse company resources for personal purposes. Also, you cannot see the result statistics work of the staff.

- Allow Business Manager manage the entire document, the progress of the project, staff, schedule, status and results of work of employees.

• The software works with modern technology

- The system uses professional translation software BOCOHAN with different versions corresponding to each target employee use. BOCOHAN connected with project management system, employees will have an account login to the system. When logging into BOCOHAN to work for the office, they cannot load documents up into the software and cannot provide the resources outside of the office. Absolute guarantee cannot use the resources of office for personal work. When not working login account of the office, the staff used BOCOHAN to perform his job.

As software built with the most modern technology, complying with the international standards of language translation, BOCOHAN help people create translations of the highest quality. Help increase their productivity to over 400% with the ability to accumulate resources, experience and learning is increasing.

In addition to software sales, also provides key VIEGRID use BOCOHAN for users in a certain time according to need. With the construction of different versions to suit each using purpose,

BOCOHAN software will support a professional and efficient service works best on the market.

Come Vtcafes to mix with the world of translation and experience of the world of technology