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 Viebooks.com is the social network  about books was built by VIEGRID JSC. This is a place for readers and writers communicate, learn, exchange of experience, purchase books on the system more conveniently and quickly. Viebooks is a bridge, connecting people who share a passion for books together and become a global community.

Come to Viebooks, readers will experience a lot of interesting things:

Access to the extremely rich and unique treasure: Viebooks has a diversity treasure of electronic books, abundance; where you can read any book you want. Viebooks bookstore is refreshed continuously by booksellers, publishers, authors within our country as well as abroad, also from the readers with the complete genres like short stories, novels, business books, textbooks and classics, the "hot" works  in the market ... so, just one mouse click, you were able to freely experiment with your favorite book.

Providing e-books and printed books: Viebooks system service serves all e-book readers and printed books. For e-books, users have to use the company's software VReader which VIEGRID built to allow user to read it. Electronic books after purchase will be put on the shelf of VReader, readers open VReader and read here. After downloading, the book will be encrypted; readers cannot copy from other electronic readers. The system also supports publishing books; electronic media helps to convert digital content into a common format that allows distribution and easy to share the same environment with unified security mechanism, help to protect the copyright as much as possible.

For printed books, the system lets readers buy books online and the book will be transferred to the hands of readers. Just sit at home and click, you will have the book you wanted on your hands without any struggle.

Having the opportunity to exchange with famous authors: Viebooks cooperate with many writers, poets and foreign authors. With domestic authors were very difficult to see them already, not to mention the world famous author. Viebooks create conditions and opportunities for you to come closer to the author that, drown every gap in the geographical space. With being able to communicate with the author, the writer, poet, famous authors at home and abroad you will be perceived very much knowledge and valuable experience, closer to your idols. Viebooks is the foundation, the base, the environment to carry out your dreams, your ambitions.

Create separate bookstore: Visit Viebooks, readers not only read books, buy books, but also can create your own brand, upload free to the system and publish in your own way. With the books they write down, you can cooperate with the bookstore or library to include these books in the bookstore / library.

Meanwhile, local and foreign readers will know about your book. This is the shortest way to put your name to the readers in the country and the world.

Portrait author construction: Viebooks allows you to be able to build a portrait for yourself, for your favorite authors or those authors who died before and their family, their friends can build up portrait of the author on the system to save the books timelessly. Main works written by you will align you with book lovers around the world, from there; the road became a well-known author will become shorter for you.

Protecting copyrights: In Viebooks, copyright will received maximum protection. With the use of reading software V_reader maximize the limit of copying, reproducing the works when readers buy / borrow books on the system. Readers can only read books using software V_reader, each user only activate this reading software on a single device. Therefore, you can creatively follow your passion, also protects your products by Viebooks.

Business: If you are interested in business or passionate in collector, you can create a library or books of their own. Bookstore / library will sell the books written by you or after you cooperate with the author / reader on your system, the partners will upload the book to your bookstore / library. If more and more cooperation with the famous author, your bookstore / library will be well known. Thus, you have created a personal brand for yourself.

Connecting Communities: Social Network today is indispensable to young people; especially the majority is books lovers. Viebooks supports connectivity with the most powerful social network today, Facebook.

Your friends or readers all over the world express their love for your work with the "Like" or comment very rewarding. From there, you will have many new friends not only on Viebooks system or Facebook but also in everyday life.

Connect with VTCafes translation systems: Viebooks support services connected with VTCafes Market, which provides human resources services publications, as well as translators where they can find the translation projects, improve professional qualifications and use advanced technology and increased income for themselves. Readers can send service requests to the system of VTCafes, when the translators translate agreed requirements in this page and this page will create a service contract between author and reader. VTCafes make the book come closer to readers are foreigners, can read a variety of genres of books from those countries. Clear away all barriers of language.

Compatible with many devices: Viebooks compatible with most reading devices including PC, Iphone, Ipad, Android and all kinds of browser. Books and information to be synchronized automatically, which means that you can read your favorite books anywhere, anytime and on any device even when there is no internet available.

Services - Utilities: The system provides a lot of useful services such as Vietnamese proofreading software on Viettools, software support and interpreters Bocohan, Vreader reading software, book creation software - VbookMakers, administration system V-SmartOffice ... users experience with utility software on the system for service work as well as everyday life.

With the slogan: "Return to your house to go to the world with us", Viebooks promising is an environment, a bridge, connecting everyone in the world together, to bring you a completely new experience, so you ca freely challenge yourself.