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The gioi chu (World of Language)

"The gioi chu" is a space to provide facilities and resources for the usage of words to create high-quality text. This is a community service which plays an important role in preserving and developing language, and it also a bridge to connect different languages of the peoples in over the world.

The content of "the gioi chu" includes:

  • Preservation and development of language
  • The facilities and resources for translation
  • Study and play
  • Community Projects
  • Blog
  • Forum

The section of "Language refinement" will be for the preservation and development of language.

The section of BOCOHAN will focus on English-Vietnamese-English translation initially and then to other languages.

The section of "Resources" will help users exchange resources such as utilities, software, language data, dictionary, idioms.

The section of "Study and play" will help you study specialized languages by reading bilingual documents. Study in company with play is more effective than the traditional study.

Community projects are places where community members will establish facilities, resources and content for "The gioi chu".

The forum is a place for members to exchange their thoughts and aspirations to make "The gioi chu" benefit the community.

Members of "The gioi chu" are IT professionals, linguist, translators, writers, poets, teachers, students, pupils and those who are passionate and enthusiastic in contributing to the improvement of text.

This is a great work and a funny job, which is done in various new ways to become a sound and useful activity. To encourage the contribution of members, "The gioi chu" will have a scoring system for the contributions of members. This score will be used to utilize the services of the community and to share potential benefits.

Thanks to support of VIEGRID, the website "The gioi chu" has been established to serve the community. Initially, the facilities and resources are still limited. In the future, thanks to the collaboration of enthusiastic members, "The gioi chu" will be extent to benefit the community. Serving the society is always the aspirations of the intellectuals. Language is the basis for the development of mentality. Removing language barrier is to make people together, to eliminate hatred and war in order to build a brighter future.