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Text is the quintessence of many generations, the national treasure. Cultural and economic integration is a difficult journey, requiring that the language must be precise enough to obtain the knowledge of humankind and universal enough to make the obtained knowledge become the power of Vietnamese community. Vietnamese should be cared, modified and further developed. Unfortunately, the Vietnamese is now being degraded; misspelling is popular in various mass media, in schools, even in some legal documents.

Some experts believe that this issue is no longer just a potential risk which only requires warning. It has been a problem requiring the participation of the whole community to solve.

Preserving Vietnamese expresses our responsibility to future generations. Correcting misspelling is also to correct and discipline the society and call for responsibility spirit in everyone. Dealing with a social issue is a very difficult job, but it's also an opportunity for people to improve themselves, to clear away envy, ego, blind favor for achievements in order to benefit community together.

The website xephangvanban.com and the project of ranking text are proposed and developed based on research of a group of IT professionals and VIEGRID Company on error rate and quantitative characteristic of the level of spelling mistakes in Vietnamese texts of state agencies, businesses, universities, research institutes and media agencies. It is expected that these numbers will tell honestly and make the community aware of the level of spelling error. The purpose of providing data on spelling error is to help units undergone this assessment to improve their text quality, depending on their perception.