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Investment in IT

Investment consultation is to help investors build effective investment plan and impliment work as the process and procedures of the law of investment. Information technology is an area of rapid growth, many newborn products and technology solutions every day, every week and every month... Most of the investors are not professional in this area; therefore, in order to achieve proposed objectives, consultation services are needed to set up and implement projects.

Major content in IT consultation service supplied by VIEGRID includes:

  • Consultation on project construction, evaluation and approval
  • Consultation on setting up investment projects, economic and technical reports, proposals and estimates for projects, investment on IT application and development. Based on capital scale, requirements of techniques and technologies, and requirements of finance of investors, Viegrid will provide relevant consultation services.
  • Consultation on technical design, total cost estimates for approved projects
  • Consultation on tender and supervision over installing items of investment projects.