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Office Document Helper

Office Document Helper is an add-on software forMicrosoft Word to support enterprise users in text preparation at work; it provides a large number of common text patterns regularly used in enterprises.

Joint Circular No. 55/2005/TTLT-BNV-VPCP between the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Office of the Government regulates on the form and text presentation of the document. However, today, the issuance of documents among State administrative agencies as well as other types of enterprises in many places has not been properly unified under the Circular N0. 55. On the other hand, users have difficulty in finding suitable text templates with the content of the text to be promulgated.

To solve this issue, the software Office Document Helperwas created. The completed documents exported from the software meet the requirements of users as well as comply with the Circular No. 55 of the Government regulating on form and text presentation.

Besides the function of supporting text preparation, the software also allows users to construct sample texts.

The software can operate stably on the different versions of Microsoft Office Word.