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NOTARY TRANSLATION is a software to perform data entry - translate a large numbers of documents, especially documents with available templates (such as diplomas, certificates, transcripts,...). Initially, the software is built to translate from Vietnamese into English.

The software is deployed as a desktop software which is developed on the basis of products of text and word standardization, and translation of VIEGRID. Therefore, it has a competitive advantage and distinguished feature.

When using NOTARY TRANSLATION, users will see many facilities as well as the increase of productivity and work efficiency, especially when translating and notarizing a large number of documents (usually with available document templates).

 The software uses available document templates in a smart way to:

  • Speed up data entry

  • Speed up translation

  • Avoid translating a document template twice

  • Take advantage the power of VIMAT and BOCOHAN via Internet or Intranet to speed up translation speed

  • Export documents in DOC format, ready to print and notarize

The documents which can be processed by the software NOTARY TRANSLATION (hardcopy form):

  • Diplomas

  • Transcripts

  • Certificates

  •  Letters of Recommendation (in available form)

  •  Essays

  • Other Documents