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Commercial Correspondence

The term "commercial letters" is no longer a new concept to everyone. However, in order to create a good impression with a partner is not a simple matter. When writinga letter, the writer is often confused withthe layout, style and presentation order (order of names, addresses, etc) and suitable content selection (short, coherent, logical, etc.).For commercial letters written to foreign partners, the writer may encounter other obstacles such as language barriers.

Based on research studies on the demands of users, VIEGRID built the “Commercial Letters Software” in order to help users build bilingual commercial letters professionally and effectively.

The Software is Built with FeaturesThat Serves the Following Purposes:

  • Supporting letter composition in English, Vietnamese
  • Supporting bilingual translation English - Vietnamese and Vietnamese - English for letter samples
  • Modifying personal information and directory information
  • Modifying sectionsof the letter such as:
  1.  Header Format (name and address of the sender, sent date)
  2.  Address (name and address of the recipient)
  3. Greetings (at the beginning of the letter)
  4. Opening paragraph (the letter introduction)
  5. Body paragraph (the letter body)
  6. Closing paragraph (the letter closing)
  7. Closing (formal farewell at the end of the letter)
  8. Enclosure (documents attached withthe letter, if any)
For sectionpart of the letter, there will becorresponding samples and illustrative examples to guide users. The translation tools integrated into the software will giveusers the option to translate the letter.
  • Exporting to RTF file format
  • Saving the letter as an illustrative example for future reference.