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Viet Tools

Vietnam Tools is a set of Vietnamese processing softwares which is integrated with word office of Microsoft. Viet Tools is built to unify, standardize and improve quality of digital resources for state agencies and enterprises through the support for users in preparing Vietnamese texts.

RED PEN, REED WOOD, VIETNAMESE DICTIONARY, and WORD 2007 USAGE INSTRUCTION in Viet Tools will be indispensable parts in your daily text preparation.


1. Red Pen

RED PEN in Viet Tools 1.4 is upgraded with new Vietnamese database to improve quality and speed of scanning spelling errors. The efficiency performance shows the quality of the technology of the error checking software. Increasing the efficiency performance by several percent requires the great efforts of technology and study. The evaluation result on spelling error-checking softwares on the website www.xephangvanban.com shows that the efficiency performance of RED PEN surpasses other error checking softwares. RED PEN is restricted with error notices to make users more comfortable while using the software.


2. Reed Wood

A smart text transcoding software. Currently, there are many text transcoding software on the market, but all of them require users to define the source code before transcoding, thus it sometimes cause difficult for ordinary users. On the other hand, the long texts, which have been through many process of copying and pasting, contains many different source codes; therefore, the identification of such source codes may cause inaccuracy in transcoding process. The feature of automatically detecting source code in the original text is seen as a breakthrough of Creed Wood comparing to other products of same function. Creed Wood is the first tool succeeding in transcodeing into Unicode, basing on automatic detection of source code in each paragraph and each sentence. Creed Wood is a useful tool to unify the usage of Unicode in digital resources of the nation, serving computerization and e-government development.


3. Vietnamese Dictionary

Supporting Word usage. VIETNAMESE DICTIONARY in Viet Tools 1.4 serves the correct word searching and using. Data of this Vietnamese-Vietnamese dictionary bases on Hoang Phe dictionary. Viet Tools supplies utilities allowing users to recompile this dictionary and share to others.


Guiding the usage of Microsoft Word 2007. In current, Microsoft Word is still the most popular tool for text preparation for Vietnamese users. However, for users not fluent in English, remembering functions written in English is very difficult. WORD 2007 USAGE INSTRUCTION guilds the usage of WORD 2007 in Vietnamese, thus it will help users exploit and use Microsoft Word 2007 efficiently.