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Red Pen HTML

RED PEN HTML is an extension part of RED PEN in Vietnamese Tools for spelling checking. This product is for people who want to check spelling mistakes on HTML files or content under HTML format. The editors can use this product to check the errors on articles in HTML format.

RED PEN HTML will analyze input content to extract the data, and conserve the primary structure of the tag and transfer the extracted data to PEN RED for error checking. The correction of the user will be performed on the interface of Word file and RED PEN add-ins. When the user closes the Word file, RED PEN HTML will extract the contents which have been corrected and update the correction part into the original HTML content, then display on the software interface, or save in HTML files. Users can also copy the corrected contents into the memory to paste into other applications such as CMS.

RED PEN HTML, through Red Pen in Vietnamese Tools, connects to RED PEN SERVER to improve error-checking performance. The connection between RED PEN HTML and RED PEN SERVER is an option.