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BOCOHAN - A Professional Translation Assistance Software

BOCOHAN Standard Edition is CAT software for personal computerscapable of supporting two-way translation: English - Vietnamese - English. Translation resources drawn fromsentence corrections, phrases, idioms, bilingual texts provided by the user will be continuously stored into the software’s large database, thus constantlyimproving the productivity of translation work over time. BOCOHAN SE also allows users to build upon, modify and expandthe standarddictionaries available and share them with other users. Furthermore, the softwareis connected to a translation support service infrastructure, which serves toimprove translation productivity and efficiency.

Product Features and Competitiveness:

1. Support for English - Vietnamese, Vietnamese - English translation

BOCOHAN helps you in English - Vietnamese and Vietnamese - English translations by utilizingyour personal resource inventory,which is connected to the community resource inventory as well as an automatic translation machine on the network that offers helpful recommendations. Once you edit and save the results, the software will recall the same corrections for any future mistakes used in the same context.

The file translation function forBOCOHAN helps you keep the format of the file (doc, docx, txt, html, xml...), thus saving time andensuring a consistent presentation for the final product.

2. Construction and Management ofTranslation Work

BOCOHAN allows you to create new documents, work on them and save the results so you can complete the work at another time.

3. Construction and Sharing of Translation Resources

BOCOHAN is equipped with the necessary tools to build and share translation resources, including: commonly usedsentences, idioms, fixed phrases, sample sentences and dictionaries.

4. Intelligent Software

As an intelligent software, with the slogan: "Never translate a sentence twice", BOCOHAN has an automatic learning mechanism that allows it to continuously improve itscapacity by accumulating previous informationinto a resource inventory which is modified andexpanded according to the level of each user.

5. Mobilization of CommunityKnowledge

If you are connected to the internet and have a registered account on http://thegioichu.com, you will gain access to amassive collection ofresourcesas well asutilize the automatic translation enginesfromleading companies specializing in translation services such as VIEGRID and Google.

6. An In-Depth English LanguageLearningTool

The most intensive way to learnEnglish is by reading bilingual text on a regular basis. With BOCOHAN, you will be able to collect,createand read bilingual text in the most effective way possible.

7. An Integrated Working Environment

You will get all the necessary assistance without ever having to leave your current working environment. With just a click, BOCOHAN will provide you with all the facilities you need, right at your fingertips.

BOCOHAN helps translators produce high quality translations comparable tothat of manual human translations, which is not seen in other automated translation technologies. In turn, thishelps increase labor productivity of the translator up to over 300 %, and has the ability to continuously accumulate resources, experience and education.

In the future, BOCOHAN Professional Edition will have multi-language translation function in accordancewithinternational standards.