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BOCOHAN Community Server

BOCOHAN Community Server is VIEGRID’smain BOCOHAN server (main community server). This server contains a huge amount of translation data createdby VIEGRID to serve BOCOHANusers.

When connected to the translation service via internet, users are able toutilizethis great resourceand will receive translation recommendations from advanced automatic translation systemsofVIEGRID or Google. Additionally, users can also participate incontributing and building resources for this database.

The resources are shared with the community through VIEGRID’s free servicewebsite:www.thegioichu.com. BOCOHAN Community Server allows users to compile translation data from other computers and synchronize data with theirown personal computers.

Service Aided Translation: is a collection of BOCOHAN servers and automatic translation machines. When connected to the translation service, if the user's computer isnot connected to the BOCOHAN Enterprise Server, it will be connected directly to the BOCOHAN Community Server. This guarantees that users will always be connected and have access to the necessary resources.