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Management Staff

Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mrs. Le Ngoc Hong, former Chairman of the Management Board and General Director of Potomac JSC and LightStream Technologies Co., Ltd. Mrs. Le Hong Ngoc has had many years of experience in management and public relations. At VIEGRID, Mrs. Le oversees personnel, finance, public relations and basic construction projects.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet is responsible for business development strategy, plans for developing technology-product-service and international cooperation of VIEGRID. Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet has more than 23 years of experience in working, researching and teaching in foreign countries such as the U.S, Italy, Hungary, and Russia. Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet has worked for companies at AT&T, DSET, Telcordia, Alcatel, NORTEL, and Lockheed Martin. He was also Chief Engineer in charge of software at Siemens.

Mr. Doan Van Hai is responsible for working discipline, recruitment plan, and personnel policies at the Hue Grid Technology R&D Center. He also is a consultant to Director General in the " VIEGRID Village " project in An Van Duong. Mr. Doan Van Hai has nearly 40 years of experience in administrative and personnel management, union work, and has held important positions in the sector of Telecommunications and IT.