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Company Objectives

VIEGRID's long-term goal is to become one of the leading international companies in multimedia communication, providing infrastructure solutions and devices for information access.

VIEGRID’s competitive strength is built upon the following:
  • High selective customer network based on quality and standard services.
  • The customization of entertainment as well as communication packages for each customer.
  • Tools and resources for handling digital content.
VIEGRID orients its development stage by stage with focus on the following areas: team-technology, infrastructure-services and community devices. In the first phase, VIEGRID focused on building a strong R&D team and mastering the modern technology. Upon this foundation, VIEGRID will establish infrastructure with high reliability, speed and capacity to provide content services and solutions for building high-performance IT infrastructure for agencies and businesses. In its final stage, VIEGRID will focus on developing intelligent electronic devices to bring IT applications and digital content to the homes of every customer.