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General Introduction

VIEGRID Communication & Technology JSC (VIEGRID) was established on July 26th, 2007 with its headquarters situated on the 18th floor of the ABBank Building on 101 Lang Ha Street, Hanoi.

Also in 2007, VIEGRID established its Hue Grid Technology R&D Center at 22 To Huu Street, Xuan Phu Ward in Hue City.

VIEGRID provides infrastructure services and digital content for businesses and the community. VIEGRID is a pioneer in the development of Grid Computing technology in Vietnam for products and commercial services.

The slogan "Return to your home to go into the world with us" based on the “sense of community” philosophy: the power to mobilize the community to make progress , which will in turn benefit society as a whole. VIEGRID is particularly interested in creating a playing field, providing the common tools and resources in order to enable Vietnamese users to exchange and share knowledge with friends around the world.

With clearly defined objectives right from its inception, VIEGRID has spent a significant amount of time focusing on building its team of experts and strengthening cooperative relationships. Currently, the VIEGRID team consists of all Doctors, MA, Engineers and Bachelors with domestic and international qualification and experience. The domestic and foreign partners aid in the provision of material and technology for VIEGRID.

The core technologies of VIEGRID that are the basis for its products and services development, include:

  • Grid Computing technology for IT infrastructure.
  • The technology for multimedia and language processing with the aim to create high-quality digital content.
  • Technology for translation, both manual and automatic, with the aim to improve the productivity of translators, create a huge source of books and news, thus facilitating the integration and transfer of technology.
  • Digital signal processing, warning and control system, and communication devices.
  • The solutions for office computerization, e-government, e-commerce and social networking.