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Business Scope

Development of Software Products
  • Constructing and developing translation software; providing infrastructural translation solutions for agencies, units and enterprises working in the area of translation in order to improve productivity up to 300 %.
  • Developing and packaging support software that improves the quality of content, such as: spelling and grammar check, text format, word usage, dictionary, digital text modification, etc.
  • Standardizing complex issues in various areas such as: project management, economic contract preparation, commercial correspondence, business strategy, legal document preparation, etc.
  • Developing applications on mobile devices and embedded devices

Construction of Information Systems for Agencies and Businesses
  • Developing office applications
  • Constructing large databases and applications for resource and business management, as well as providing public services.
  • Building intelligent offices, wired and wireless intranet solutions, remote work, improving serve effectiveness, network security solutions, and system integration.
  • Constructing application solutions for areas such as: e-government, e-commerce, pharmaceutical management, clinical management, education, libraries, culture and tourism, , foreign affairs, law, civil status, banking, journalism, publishing, etc.

Translation and Interpretation Services and Technical Assistance for Translation
  • Translating fast and accurately with high quality and at reasonable price in the fields of law, legal documents, economic contract, science and technology, literature, news, press article, project and notary documents.
  • Building a technological infrastructure for translation organizations: Installing CAT software (computer-aided translation), building translation server for institutes, training, and customizing translation resources according to the need of the customer.

Digital Content Processing Services
  • Developing web services such as multimedia portals, e-commerce, market services, books market (VIEBOOKS), e-news (VIEGRID TIMES), etc...., and bringing high-quality digital content to users with the help of the Vietnamese processing tool and language professionals.
  • Digitizing, formating and revising content for documents.
  • Constructing technical infrastructure and training programs for civil servants, office workers on processing text and improving quality of content.

Investment Consultancy, Particularly in IT and Real Estate Projects
  • Providing consultation on investment process, preparation of legal documents, creating partnerships, market analysis and investment efficiency, particularly in the areas of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Media, Newspaper publications, digital content, Real Estate, Financial Investment, etc.
  • Investing and developing real estate projects related to the technology business or high-tech application.