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Recruitment Process

Thank you for your interest in the employment opportunities at VIEGRID.

VIEGRID's recruitment process is designed with 03 rounds.


Application review is to consider the credentialsof the candidate as well as the level of suitability required for the position.

For candidates whose application isselected, they will be contacted directly and informed of the schedule for the English and professional test (the tests are variable for each vacancy).

Note:Application Form may be submitted to VIEGRID in two ways: directly at company office or via email.

For direct submission at the office:

The compulsory Application Form should include the following items (any additional items will be notified):

  • Job application (clearly stating the position)
  • CV (personal information provided in full and a 4x6 personal photo)
  • Photocopy of ID card, household registration  certified by the local authority (notarized)
  • Relevant qualifications.

For submission via email, please send the application to the following address: [email protected].

The compulsory application form requires the following items:

  • Job application (clearly stating position)
  • CV (personal information provided in full and a 4x6 personal photo)


(Round 2 does not apply to the position of business staff)

The test content:

  •  English test
  •  The professional tests (corresponding to different positions: developers, testers, translators).

Note:  When takingthe test, the candidates should bring a pen and their ID cards with them.


Uponpassing the tests, the candidate will be scheduled an interview. Through this interview, VIEGRID will obtain enough information to evaluate the suitability of candidates with the available vacancies.

Depending on each position, there may be more than one interview.

Some key issues that VIEGRID pays attention to: Ability to work (independent or in a team), the ability to organize and plan, thinking and problem solving skills, communication skills, and leadership skills. VIEGRID will also check some information in the application such as: Experience and education

In the interview, candidates may also raise questions for VIEGRID about related issues and concerns.

Those passing the interview will receive a notice fromVIEGRID within 10 working days from the date of interview.

After receiving the notification, selected candidates will be scheduled for an agreement on labor contracts and other related issues.

Completing records:

After receiving notice of matriculation, successful candidates should complete their records with the following documents which will besent to the department ofAdministration and Personnel:

  • CV
  • Narrative Curriculum Vitae certified by local authority
  • Health certificate with validity of within 3 months
  • Photocopy of of Identity card, household registration certified by local authority
  • Copies of diploma or student certificate (if any)
  • Academic transcripts, other certificates, if any (copy)
  • Two 04x06 photos