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HR Policies

VIEGRID creates an equal and fair working environment for every individual in the company. This working environment is built from the assets of investors and the joint efforts of its employees to develop business, technology and to share results.

According to this perception, VIEGRID always appreciates, recognizes and appropriately rewards those who participate in its development as well as shares the burden in overcoming obstacles. In near future, VIEGRID will enable employees to obtain stock options.

VIEGRID considers its human resource as its most valuable asset and has implemented a number of training programs, from professional knowledge, specialization, management capacity, and communication skills to sessions on kindness and spirit of serving the community. VIEGRID has programs to organize internal professional courses, supporting employees to participate in external training courses as well as courses that will provide professional certificates.

VIEGRID desires to become the new hub for talent. Those who have special talents, recognizable achievements or have participated in any notable programs are welcome without any particular skills other than enthusiasm, outstanding creativity and ideas.