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Spelling error in Vietnamese text is 8 times higher than the standard error rate

(AP) - The average percentage of spelling error in Vietnamese text is 7, 79 %, nearly 8 times higher than the standard error of 1%. It is worth mentioning that the percentage of spelling error in the sector of University and Institute is approximate to that of common society.

"The Current State of the Vietnamese Language in Text" launched by the Institute of Information Technology - National University of Hanoi and VIEGRID company yesterday (28/7) showed that the proportion of spelling error in the Vietnamese text was alarming, exceeding the standard one.

In spcific, in the last June, an error statistic was made on 67,000 text samples of 177 units in seven sectors. The statistical method was based on the sample file of errors. The errors in the sample file which was used in this statistic was selected from a number of common errors usually seen in Vietnamese texts such as: bổxung, sửlý, xửdụng, sánglạn, cọsát, soimói, thămquan…

The result showed that the words with highest error rate were "soimói" with 74,33 %, "Sánglạn" with 41,66 %, "cọsát" with 28,38 %, "thămquan" with 20,61 %... The Institute for Food Safety and Hygiene had the highest error rate of 38, 46%, the Institute of Atomic Energy was the next with 31, 49 %. The unit with lightest error rate belonged to banking sector.

The sectors of press and communication had the highest spelling error rate, nearly at alarming level of 10 %. In particular, both sectors had their representatives which had error rate close to or over 30 %. The sector of local governments, and agencies under the Ministry also had relatively high spelling error rate. In particular, there were units with error rate nearly 40 % such as the Department of Food Safety and Hygiene. The error rate at the sector of University and Research Institute was also approximately to the average level of society.

Meanwhile, the sectors of businesses and Ministries was better with the error rate of 7,47 - 19,98 % but still higher than the standard error rate of 1 %.

Spelling error is everywhere (Photo is for illustration)


Dr. Nguyen Ai Viet, Deputy Director of Institute of Information Technology, National University of Hanoi said that before assessing the quality of writing in Vietnamese text, the research team conducted a survey on two groups of Language Professionals and IT Professionals: The group of Language Professionals requested that the spelling error rate in Vietnamese text should be under 1%. The group of IT professionals accepted this rate of about 2,5 - 5%.

The professionals agreed that the rate of 10% was alarming threshold for spelling error, and 30% was the threshold that a misspelling has become accepted as a new correct spelling. Under this proposal, the misspelling word "soimói" has become a correct spelling word because of its using rate of 74%, "sánglạn" can be seen as a way of writing which is equivalent to "xánlạn" thank to the using rate of nearly 42%. The spelling errors of "cọsát", "thămquan" are at alarming level.

"Above results reflect an alarming state of Vietnamese spelling. The research team will carry out further assessments with broader scale in order to pave the way for a community campaign to scan misspelling." Dr. Viet said.

According to Mr. Doi, the inconsistence among ministries and departments on the issue of standard regulation on Vietnamese text should not be there. It is time to build a consistent and scientific Languages Act to apply all over the country.

P. Thanh

According to Reuters