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BOCOHAN, an English - Vietnamese translation supporting software

Viet Tools is a Microsoft Office add-on solution consisting of three integrated softwares which helps save time in editing and preparing daily official documents; thus it helps enhance performance of office workers.

Red Pen: Scanning all presentation errors, punctuation errors, and capitalization errors and automatically fixing errors. The text will be completely clean of errors when using this tool.

Reed Wood: The software will automatically detect different font codes of a text and convert them into Unicode (national standard code) with the highest accuracy that the users won't waste of time to handle manually.

Vietnamese Dictionary: Assisting the search for exact meaning so that users can have the best word use. With advanced technology, 3 software has overcome similar products on the market in function and performance and become an indispensable tool in the daily work of office staff.

Besides, VIEGRID also released the software called BOCOHAN - An English - Vietnamese translation supporting software. The software allows the combination between translation resources of users and VIEGRID and a strongest translation machine at present to give translation suggestions, then basing on these suggestion, users will edit and backup appropriate results for reuse in future.


Besides the function of supporting English - Vietnamese translation, BOCOHAN also help users build their own resources in accordance with their work to improve work efficiency. Users can link to huge resources of VIEGRID and exchange with online communities by connecting to internet and logging into VIEGRID's server via an account registered (free) on the website www.thegioichu.com. That the latest English - Vietnamese dictionaries are integrated and continuously updated will facilitate users an integrated work environment with all necessary assistance for the work.

(Trung Kien)