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Translation technology is necessary for international integration

ICTnews - In recent years, translation technology has begun to appear in Vietnam with the provision of online translation service by Google.

The local businesses have also kept with and met social needs in this area. In specific: Tinh Van and Lac Viet has provided this service on their search engines such as Xalo.vn and Vietgle.vn. Afterward, Viegrid Company has also officially introduced a translation supporting tool, Bocohan, which is installed to the user's computer, and an online translation supporting webpage, www.thegioichu.com.

According to Dr. Nguyen Chi Cong - Chairman of Vietnam Association for Information Processing, the outbreak of current translation supporting tools shows that the strategy orientation for the integration between IT and linguistics is necessary. On the principle, any provider who has large users will gain the advantage if they know to take advantage of the contribution and compliment of user community. However, that advantage can not only belong to Google despite its numerous users. The domestic providers have more advantage over this issue because it is Vietnamese but no one else who understands Vietnamese clearly and solves issues related to Vietnamese, and translate with Vietnamese better than foreigners. Fortunately, this orientation is somewhat perceived and mentioned in the project to make Vietnam soon become a powerful IT country which was signed by the Prime Minister on May 9th, 2010. However, it can not be only an internal affair of IT professionals as in perception of society for years; it is a multidisciplinary problem which requires more than the participation of only linguistic.

According to Mr. Le Vu Khanh - former senior interpreter of the Government Office, who has been invited to interpret at many international conferences, not just in IT, it's time the IT and linguistics experts, and those in translation area should come together to jointly agree a cooperation plan for the benefit of all parties. At the aspect of government, at least four ministries including Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of Education & Training, and Ministry of Information & Communications should join for the development of translation. Vietnam has joined the WTO for nearly 5 years; and in such process of integration, it is needed to save effort and time in international exchange. Nothing else to do it is to promote application and development in the field of linguistics.

Tan Khoa

The content was published on Vietnam Post No. 100 on August 22nd, 2011