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VIEGRID released BOCOHAN Standard Edition 2.3

On Nov 11, 2011, VIEGRID released the translation supporting software BOCOHAN Standard Edition version 2.3 (BOCOHAN SE 2.3). This is the upgraded version of previous versions released to users.

BOCOHAN 2.3 is upgraded and added with more outstanding translation supporting features. These features will make BOCOHAN SE 2.3 become an indispensable tool for Vietnamese people working with English.

  • New functions of BOCOHAN SE 2.3:
  • Fast dictionary search: When reading documents or surfing web, you meet new words and you can easily look up for the meanings just by pressing shortcut keys (select the word or phrase to and press Ctr and Alt).
  • Enhancing the support for the reuse of available resources (TM, terms, sample phrases...) when translating.
  • Providing utilities which allow translator to process (split, join, change location...) on the sentence to improve the quality of the translation text and the quality of resource for reuse.
  • Making statistics on using translation resources for each job.
  • Providing the function of editing the translated text: It helps edit the translated text, based on the original text of the same format or in a new format.
  • Providing the function of scoring the translation