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The launching ceremony of Viet Tools and BOCOHAN

Hanoi - 18 June 2009, VIEGRID Company launched BOCOHAN, an English-Vietnamese-English assisting translation software and Viet Tools, a Vietnamese spelling checking in text at the hotel of Sofitel Metropole, marking the period of two years of construction and development of the company with the slogan "Return to your home and go to the world with us".

VIEGRID is the pioneer in researching and developing the commercial GRID computing technology in Vietnam. The company not only provides the application software products, infrastructure solutions, automation, but also wants to mobilize the power of the whole society to develop a collaborative working environment for the construction of resources and facilities to serve the community.

VIEGRID always associate the development of business interests with development interests of the community and society. The company also expects that Vietnam’s IT will produce more products to serve the public and introduce Vietnam's culture to the world.

In future, VIEGRID will become the primary provider of digital content and multi-media services, providing customers with best quality products and services which have high competitiveness in the market, and gradually participating into the international market.

About two software products of Viet Tools and BOCOHAN

a. Viet Tools 1.0: This is a software utility which includes three softwares being integrated in an add-on solution on Microsoft Office. It helps save time in editing and preparing daily document so that the performance of office workers is improved.

1.1 Red Pen: This software will check the text for the last time before sending. Red Pen will scan errors of presentation errors, punctuation, and capitalization, and will automatically fix these errors. The text will be completely clean of errors with this tool. With advanced technology, Red Pen has passed products of same functions on the market in term of function and performance and become an indispensable tool in the daily work of office staff.

1.2 Reed Wood: The software will automatically detect different font codes in the text and convert them into Unicode (the national standard code) with the highest accuracy. The users won't waste of time to handle manually.

1.3 Vietnamese Dictionary: The software assists the search for exact meaning so that users can have the best word use.

2. BOCOHAN 1.0: The software assists English – Vietnamese translation by combining the personal resource storages of every individual user and VIEGRID into the most powerful translation machine through the internet to suggest, edit and save the appropriate results for reuse in future.

Besides the function of assisting English - Vietnamese translation, BOCOHAN also help users build their own resources in accordance with their work to improve work performance. In addition, users can link to the huge resources of VIEGRID and share with online communities by connecting to the Internet and logging into the server of VIEGRID vie a free-registered account on the website www.thegioichu.com

The latest English-Vietnamese dictionaries are integrated and continuously updated will bring to users an integrated working environment with all necessary assistance.

The software is developed by VIEGRID to commemorate the 600th year that the Grand Duke Dang Tat defeated Minh troop at Bo Co Han