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1-year anniversary of Viegrid's foundation and the introduction of Hue Grid Technology R&D Center

On 25 July 2008, at Saigon Morin Hotel - Hue City, VIEGRID Communication & Technology JSC held a ceremony to commemorate 1 year of Viegrid's foundation and introduce the Grid Technology R&D Center in Hue City

GRID technology is a new and modern technology which allows to take advantage of available infrastructure resources to build a virtual supercomputer with massive computing capacity. On that basis, this technology allows to provide high quality services, and develop science & technology and society & economy. This is an opportunity for poor countries like Vietnam to access modern technologies and build an information infrastructure not less than that of developing countries with an appropriate investment. Global market for this technology is on the flush of strong development and will reach the scale of 25 billion USD in 2010.

VIEGRID, together with strategic partners such as South Korea, U.S, Singapore... set the target to exploit this technology in the field of multimedia communication and digital content and would quickly expand the scope of activities to countries around the world. In the roadmap to 2020, the Company set the target to account for a significant portion in applying GRID technology in multimedia communication, providing digital content and IT infrastructure solutions for enterprises and agencies in Vietnam as well as introducing intellectual products of Vietnam to the world market. In particular, in coming time, the company will focus on providing online software services. This market has become particularly important after the release of fourth direction of the Prime Minister on requiring businesses and agencies to use copyright softwares.

To implement these tasks, VIEGRID Company was established with the charter capital of 1.2 million USD and would raise up to 5 million USD in three coming years from the domestic and foreign partners.

The foundation of Hue Grid Technology R&D Center had a strategic significance in the development plan of the company. A weak point of Vietnam’s IT was the lack of sustainable development in technology investment. Without core technology, there would have no products or services capable of competing in long term. The ancient capital of Hue has tradition of study and potential human resource. Hue people are studious, hard working, and yearning. This place is suitable for IT development. The life in Hue is peaceful and stable which is suitable for the development of works of far vision. With such potential human resources, once aroused and exploited properly, Hue could become an ideal place to develop information technology.

The decision to establish Hue Grid Technology R&D Center was also the desire of shareholders with the expectation to make Hue more prosperous, and enable Hue children to have opportunity to develop their talents right at the homeland. VIEGRID Network had the sponsor commitment of Provincial Leader, Department of Post and Telecommunications, Information Technology Center, and Universities. Hue would be the starting point of the network to expand nationwide and connect to the GRID international network within the framework of the project of "Developing Community Internet" of the Ministry of Telecommunication. VIEGRID and EGAID Center had the contract of developing this technology to the rural internet network. Along with infrastructure development, VIEGRID will quickly develop the domestic and foreign markets. VIEGRID will pay attention to the production of low-cost terminal devices to provide Internet and multimedia services and IT applications to people. Furthermore, it will pay attention to the business of providing services, software development, and hardware production. GRID technology and IT of Thua Thien Hue province are advantages for Viegrid.

Initially, as a leading company which is building a high quality team, modern working style and modern technology in Hue, the company will definitely encounter many difficulties, particularly in human resource. We are looking forward to the support the province's leaders, the authorities, universities and entire community. We now have in hand a core team of technical experts and managers with international experience, knowledge and creativity. With such strong resources, VIEGRID expect to bring fame and position to Hue on the world map of IT.