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1. Introduction

 V_SmartOffice constructed and developed by VIEGRID JSC, this is a system software meets the
requirement for functionality of an administration system. Especially, the system has some breakthrough static report features, not in any other software on the market.V-SmartOffice the management system for state administrative agencies, large enterprises, medium and small, fully meet the business management: document management, workflow, reporting and statistics, environment collaboration, calendars, diaries duty...

V-SmartOffice helps agencies, enterprises manage records, document effectively. With highly
customizable ability, the software suitable for all kinds of operating models, business organizations and enterprises.

The system is integrated with One-door Profile Software, this is a software built by VIEGRID JSC allows
users flexibly and efficiently manage receive documents, reduce procedures, unnecessary operations, process quickly and ensure order of business logic.

2. The composition and operational functions of V_SmartOffice

The system is built based on SharePoint technology - Microsoft's leading technology in manage, store
and share documents. Provides a powerful control capabilities allow organizations to effectively manage files,text,documents, statistical reports ... and connect employees across the organization.

2.1. The functional modules of V_SmartOffice

• Document management

- Manage input documents

- Manage output documents

- Manage internal documents

- Manage draft documents

• Work Management

- Management of the job list

- Work reminder for employees

- Management consulting patterns

- Managing records

• Environment cooperation

- Meeting management

- Sharing resources

- Notification Manager

- Discuss

• Statistical Report Management

- Periodical reports

- The status of all processed jobs in an agency, department or individual employee

- Statistical

• Portfolio Management

• Schedule Management

•  Hard Records Management

• Manage the service logs

• System administrator

2.2. Profession of V_SmartOffice

- Enhancing the skills to use and promote the application of information technology, and gradually
formed the habit of working in the network environment, use of electronic information to employees in the company. At the same time raise the level of management, to make the breakthrough in the management process for officials and leaders through support jobs solve quickly, the effectiveness of the system. Promote the technology and systematizing of electronic information in the field of management, gradually contributing to administrative reform.

- Unite and computerize all operational works in receiving, processing, storing, sharing, searching and
flow records, documents, help to  solve work in state agencies and enterprises a efficiently and quickly way.

- Establish a system of electronic document repository, overcoming the loss, false information and data.
Quickly and correctly responds to the leadership and professional staffs as necessary.

- Manage entire documents of agencies including incoming documents, output documents, internal
document, draft documents…. Send documents within the company or agency; send and receive documents from other agencies.

- Set up an process flow to keep track with the process, responds on the system to ensure all the
documents, records were received and clearly manage, follow the right order.

- Create and manage all kinds of reports about the situation of rotation, management and process,
tracking documents processing, rendering the aggregate information in order to serve in time the executive and professional work of the Consulate as well as directors of agencies.

- Closely and effectively manage all the work of directors and staff. Simplify creating process, send,
receive and report, reduce work’s processing time, minimize and manage all generated data in the rotation process and dispose documents including delivery to-do notes, presenting notes, questionnaire, feedbacks in dispose documents process, tasks on the system. Provide Work Reminder utility to make sure that all the staff and directors take part in as well as complete all the stuffs, tasks, meeting…

- Computerize all business creation, announcement, audience participation, the process of
implementation and overall results of the meeting, to redress the excess and ensure involved data integrity. Manage and keep track of documents, information flows, discussed in the course of implementation meeting.

- Manage all staff’ reports in a company or agency in every detail, clear and professional. Help all the
directors, high level staff able to judge, apply a suitable operation through function staff’s working process situation.

- Standardize, ensuring strict operation of financial management.

- Manage the schedule for each department, individual...

- Standardize, create and store information directory in order to manage the objects involved in the
system, help input text and supported the distribution of documents processed under the authority resolved.

- Assist in the archive documents and records.

- Integration with other elements relevant with information systems at state agencies to exchange
information. The safe integrated security solution V-AZUR confidentiality ensure for particular system of internal data organization.

- Simplify procedures, reduce work processing time, saving administrative costs and tightly manage the
resolution process procedures contribute to improving the efficiency of the administrative reform.

2.3. V-SmartOffice’s features

V-SmartOffice built towards satisfaction and user friendliness. Standardize and simplify the process,
while ensuring the strict logic and set of intelligent information handling stream.  The design is simple to use and easy to understand for users.

- Flexibly manage text information, job profile: V-SmartOffice supply effective document management
mechanism and flexibility in updating, storing, sharing and turnover documents’ information as well as conveniently finding documents information.

- Effective management of staff work and leadership: Through the scheduling arrangement perform the
required work, meetings, events must participate on V-SmartOffice system, the system will be based on real time and the system will alerts to remind the task each individual need complete, detailed from time to time to ensure the work is completed on schedule. V-SmartOffice also show flexibility in the workflow depending on the type of document, depending on the reality of organizations, enterprises and units use.

- Dynamic reporting system to meet the needs of business units: the criteria for maximum support for 
organizations and businesses in the statistical information about the documents output, input, delivered tasks and document processing of leaders and staff in agencies and units. Users can create their own reports based on the necessary information stored in the database. Supports exporting Excel files, Word, PDF, XML flexibility.

- Decentralized management system ensures flexible security and high data integrity: System
administrators ensure that each account has full-right to access to their resources which they created, is authorized by superiors. Ensure no overlap in information retrieval between different accounts is using the system. Through role-sharing members in each group will share the necessary resources to help effectively improve work.

- Scientific, professional graphic user interface and maximize the effectiveness of web-based: The
program utilizes the strengths of Sharepoint technology. With the advantage of  running on the Web, V-SmartOffice help  open system not only internally within the LAN in the enterprise but it also  using on Internet on demands .With bilingual features, V-SmartOffice maximum  response for system use within agencies of our country and  foreign enterprises.

2.4. The criteria for system’s security

• Encryption data transmission application (SSL) and the database system.

• To manage and authenticate users on both servers and workstations.

• The system provides the ability to tightly decentralization based on the following criteria:

- The right of each role in the system.

- The role of the user in the system.

- According to each user.