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VIEGRID attend the workshop "Language processing technology and the development of Vietnam's digital content market to the world"

On Jan 5, in Hanoi, the Institute of Information Technology - Hanoi National University held the workshop "Language processing technology and the development of Vietnam's digital content market to the world". This is major research orientation of the Institute of IT; and this orientation is consistent with the explosion of digital content market in the country and over the world in recent years.

Through the workshop, the scientists expressed their expectation to bring science and intelligence into technological products. The combination of businesses and scientists will give birth to products having deep intelligence, mark of Vietnam and competitiveness in the international market.

According to Nguyen Ai Viet - leader of the Institute of Information Technology, Hanoi National University - digital content is the economic intelligence industry which is suitable to the requirements and current development level of Vietnam.

At the workshop, many businesses introduced solutions and products of digital content which have high levels of intelligence and applicability. Particularly, it is necessary to mention the solution "VTCAFES Translation Market" of VIEGRID Company with the aim to promote Vietnam's translation market.

Representative of VIEGRID, Dr. Vu Truong Thanh introduced services and utilities of VTCAFES as well as positive impact to promote Vietnam's translation market.


Statistic data in 2010 shows that the turnover of the global translation market was 13 billion USD with an average increase of 12-13% per year. However, the translation market in Vietnam hasn't exploded and its potential is has not been explored. The solution of the translation market VTCAFES was introduced in Vietnam for the first time by VIEGRID with the aim to encourage the application of technology in translation, develop the translation market which is now mainly in the hand of some great translation companies in the U.S and Europe, and mobilize human resource to create a great amount of digital content in Vietnam.

The translation market VTCAFES is the meeting place between customers requiring translation and translators in the country. Besides, it aims to the international market, and ensure functions such as quality management, time management, work volume. Especially, VTVAFES introduces the translation supporting software BOCOHAN which can improve the translation performance up to 300%.

VTCAFES was received attention and support of majority of participants at the workshop. Right after the presentation of Dr. Vu Truong Thanh, Nguyen Manh Hung - General Director of Thai Ha Books Company - said: "I am very glad when VIEGRID introduces the solution to promote the translation market."

In the future, VIEGRID will continue to upgrade and improve requirements of the translation market VTCAFES to make VTCAFES become a meeting place of translators and customers, promoting Vietnam's translation market.

The official title-domain-name of the translation market VTCAFES: www.vtcafes.com.

Duy Khanh - Thu Ha